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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Everybody Loves Marineland!

The belugas! For a mere $8.50 you can touch and feed a Beluga Whale. Those whales are really well fed!

One friendly Orca who made sure everyone within a 50' radius of his tank got soaking wet. Man can he splash his tail!!

Waiting patiently for their turn, well Malcolm at least...Ben will have to wait a couple more years!

After looking at the pictures ...we realized we dressed our kids the same. I dressed Ben and his dad put out clothes for Malcolm. Guess we all love orange & blue!

Petting some deer:
All in all in was a great day. Completely surpassed our expectations! Malcolm rode a lot of the rides, even the Dragon Mountain Roller Coaster. Good thing Dad has the stomach to go with him!! The Sky Screamer was off limits though, at least for this year!!

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  1. Great pics. Dylan happened to come in the room while I was looking at these pics. She thought they were pretty cool.