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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Anniversary!!

It has become a family tradition on my husband's side to get married on September 27.  Both his grandparents and his parents both wed on that day.  When we were choosing our date we both wanted a fall wedding, and September 27 fell on a Saturday that year.  It was fate!  How could we not pick that day?  So we were the 3rd generation to have our anniversary on this day, which is today!  So Happy Anniversary to us and to my inlaws.  They are celebrating their 42th today. 

Here is their card, a simple little one I made last night:

Check out SGD's blog for the card I gave to my hubby this morning.  You will notice the similarity!!!

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  1. Great card Lori! Very romantic! Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a wonderful day!

    Love the new display picture also.