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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Inspiration

Where do you draw inspiration from??  I just returned from an incredible week up in the Muskoka region, a lovely resort called Cedar Grove Lodge on Penninsula Lake, between Huntsville and Algonquin. Cedar Grove has been the home away from home for vacationers since 1927!  It has been our home away from home for the last 8 years. The view from our cabin:

It was a week filled with nature, kids, fun and relaxation.  A week to recharge and be inspired by my surroundings.  I love the area, the sunsets, the landscapes, the mix of rocks, water and trees.  Pure heaven in my opinion. 
I also had the opportunity to take in a watercolour and wool workshop, offered by a very talented artist, Pam.  Pam owns and operates the Morgan House Bed & Breakfast and Woolworks.  Pam raises her own sheep, shears them and then dies the wool.  My friend and I created a "watercolour" canvas using wool.  It was such a relaxing, remarkable morning.  Up in an old barn studio, surrounded by every shade of wool imaginable, letting the canvas take shape as it will;  here is my creation:


You can click on the picture and see that everything is died wool, we created the background first, then added layers on top.  I choose to do a landscape, my friend an abstract.  I cannot wait to try to incorporate some of the techniques I learned up in that barn studio into my scrapbooking and altered art/mixed media designs. 

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