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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

We Remember....

A hard day today, in my sister in law Julia's words:

"Today, in honour of Chris and the magnificence of your own
worlds, please take some
time to reflect on why you're here.
Honour nature. Show someone extreme enthusiasm
for one of
their ideas. Take a photo and send it around. Hug your kids,
hug your
partner, hug your dog. Smile, or better yet, wave
fervently if an air-cooled
Volkswagen drives by. Marvel at
technology. Celebrate good design. Raise a Guinness.
Shepherd's pie. Put your feet solidly on the ground and
walk ahead.

Chris passed away on May 4 2009 from a wickedly fast and
furious battle with
metastatic Melanoma. At 10:53pm, a
year ago today, he jumped onto the next star.
evening, please put a candle out - for Chris, and for
all the others who have
left us too soon. On your front
porch, or your balcony, on your window sill, or just

simply - light one in your heart. He'll see the sign."

We love you. We miss you. Your spirit soars....

Lori, Karl, Malcolm & Ben

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